Pupipo! – 4

Many will overlook Pupipo! because of its short runtime. Clocking in at only four minutes an episode – three if you were to exclude the ED – it would seem that there is not much to Pupipo! However, looks can be deceiving, and that is most certainly the case here. Pupipo! manages to both tickle your humor and pull at your heart-strings. It is a must see for the 2014 Winter season.

In only three minutes it manages to do more than what some shows do in twenty. Given the time constraint, Pupipo! cuts straight to the chase with every episode. Each week you can expect a reveal or a resolution. There is no mucking around on a three-minute schedule. However, Pupipo! manages to weave each of these episodes seamlessly into a larger story. Rather than feeling like three-minute bites, each episode comes across as a patch on a quilt. While each is its own story, together they become so much more.

The ghost of a man who slept on his neck wrong curses Reiko because of her insistence he hung himself.

That’s enough of the sales-pitch. After four episodes we finally see how deep the rabbit hole goes, or rather a dimensional rift leading to the afterlife. It is hard to believe that just a week ago our playful cast were being harassed by… a heartbroken ghost. Actually, this development is not that shocking. Coupled with Reiko’s brazenness in the face of the supernatural it seems it was inevitable that she would rub one of the spirits haunting Wakaba the wrong way. Boy, did she do that!

“Harsh words were said and lies were told instead” and the victim of nothing more than his own carelessness becomes the subject of Reiko’s fascination, though you could also call it harassment. Unfortunately, without Po-chans protection her cheekiness gets her a one way ticket to Hell. It is here that we see just how well Pupipo! manages to blend the dark and the light. In the span of just one minute – which admittedly is a third of the entire episode – we go from playful ghost hijinks to excessive sweating and gasping. It is this kind of contrast that keeps me excited about what might happen next.

Reiko’s one way ticket to Hell.

While Reiko will all but certainly get out of this mess alive, I am excited to see how this situation will be resolved. I can imagine, however unlikely, Reiko deciding to stay in the afterlife. The sights must be an occult-fanatics wet-dream. I could see the next couple of episodes delving into the mystery that is Po-chan. There is just so much that can happen and so much that I want to happen that I am sure, no matter what does happen, I will enjoy next weeks episode plentifully.


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