Space Dandy – 02

Space Dandy is certainly a dandy guy in space, but before we go any further, do you know what dandy means? Up until a little while ago I thought the word dandy solely meant “something good”. I was convinced that it was simply an exclamation of ones wellness, albeit in a colloquial manner. What I did not realize, that was until a little while ago, is that dandy can also refer to a man who cares too much about his clothing and personal appearance. Now, you are probably wondering why I brought this up. The reason for that is quite simple. No reason at all.

Doctor Gel of the Gogol Empire searches tirelessly for Space Dandy via “Gogol” Galaxy Street View.

I can not think of a better way to start than with dropping a couple of truth bombs. Hopefully to no-ones surprise, the Gogol Empire is a parody of the United States. To those special few who are scratching their heads right now, let me tell you why. Starting with the obvious, Doctor Gel’s ship is the Lady Liberty’s head. Doctor Gel himself wears a colonial wig and, more importantly, Uncle Sam’s hat. If you have no idea who I am talking about, firstly, feel bad, secondly, Google Uncle Sam. Now, coupled with the fact that the name of the domineering skeletal Admiral breathing down Gel’s neck is Perry, it is safe to assume that the Gogol Empire is a parody of the United States. In fact, I would not be surprised if in future episodes the Japanese obsession with President Obama manifests itself as some Gologian politician, general, ect, going around chanting, “Yes we can!”

Well, that is enough blowing of your mind for the time being. I am sure this “crazy” revelation coupled with finding the Dandy crew unharmed has already left you partly, if not entirely, brain-dead. Personally, I am glad there was no explanation for their survival. I do not understand why so many people are complaining that things just “lazily” turned out fine. It was a design choice, plain and simple. Who is to say that we will not get our explanation in next weeks episode. People need to be more patient. I have heard it is a virtue of some sorts.

Personally, I have always had a soft spot for anticlimacticism. I would actually prefer if Bones never explained how they survived. It would be hilarious if Doctor Gel finally caught up to Space Dandy, the decider of the fate of the galaxy, and everything turned out just to have been a giant misunderstanding. Dandy could be of no real consequence to anyone, let alone the entire galaxy. While I am sure that would upset a great number of people, I would love it.

Eat or be dissolved inside of.

Moving beyond my terrible hopes and theories, I really want to make a point of how much I am loving the Dandy world. The creative staff has left me thoroughly impressed. Going through episode one and two, the same alien does not seem to appear twice. I imagine it is not easy to design twenty or so aliens every week without them starting to look like bunk. Of course, this could change with future episodes, but where did pessimism ever get someone?

Now, if I had to complain about something in the alien compartment, it would be that we have yet to meet any Space Dandy women. Now, I am not talking about no meat-sack humans, I am talking about Space women for Dandy, ie. aliens. I have high hopes that the creative staff behind Space Dandy can storm up an attractive non-humanoid extraterrestrial creature.

A tragic, unavoidable accident.

When all is said and done, this episode has really left me excited for more. It has gotten me this way because I have no idea what to expect. It seems like all of the shows that have come out recently have followed a linear path. While this is not necessarily something to complain about, it is refreshing to see a show that is just what it is with no overbearing overarching plot. There are no strings attached, except for the one soaring through the stars in a gagged head of Lady Liberty.


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