Noragami – 03

There are those who enjoy surprises and those that hate them. I would fall under the category of those who enjoy them. In fact, I find I enjoy something far more if it is a surprise. Naturally, as the surprise wears off so too does my interest, to a certain extent anyways. Noragami has been just such a surprise. I will admit that I found episode one to be mindbogglingly good whereas episode three to be just good. However, with the way episode three ended I can expect my interest to go up a notch next week.

In all honesty, I had no intention whatsoever to pick up this series. I thought it looked and sounded awful. I forget what it was that eventually perked my interest, but I was right to give it a chance. If you have not already, I suggest you pick up Noragami.

A god of war, Yato does battle with a cat.

I have always been a stickler for the gods, or to be more precise the concept that the gods have human forms and vie for worshipers. It is one of the reasons I enjoyed the Black and White videogames so much. So imagine my surprise when Japan got around to making such a series. Forgive me if this sounds condescending, but if I can not think of a series with a premise like this then that must mean there has yet to have been a good one. Disagree with me if I am wrong.

Given my interests, one of my concerns with this series is that Yato will never become a larger god. Japan has this mentality of making no progress whatsoever, in certain shows anyways. They seem obsessed with keeping all of their characters static. I am worried that Yato will continue to have no followers, that only towards the very end will his dream finally be realized. Of course, by then the show will be over and we will not get to see Yato interacting with his new followers.

So there you have it. I am almost convinced, so great is my pessimism, that by episode ten he will still only have Yukine and Hiyori in his entourage.

Faced with what he will never become, Yato breaks.

On another note entirely, I am rather disappointed that Hiyori did not become is Regalia. I was never all that sure about the requirements so I guess I had been kidding myself that she, despite being a cat spirit of some sort, would turn into a katana rather than some kind of glove. At the very least, I am glad that she is part of the cast. I do not know what it is about her that I love, but whatever it is she should keep it up. What is particularly confusing is that I am more of a dog person.

Still on Hiyori, I do not see why she did not ask Lord Tenjin for help with her predicament. He seemed like a more reliable guy than Yato. Certainly more powerful, anyways. I suppose we will just have to chalk it up to her being in such awe of Lord Tenjin that she did not have the common sense to ask him for his help. Either way, we will not be seeing her made whole again until the credits start to roll on episode twelve, no doubt.

It is hard to take these Phantoms seriously when they look and sound so adorable.

Either way, I am very excited for next weeks episode. Considering the spirit we caught a glimpse of at the end of this episode shows up in the OP a number of times we can except some sort of plot development unfolding next week. Here is to hoping Yato turns out to be more than he lets on. No matter what happens, though, I am sure I will enjoy it so long as Hiyori gets enough screen-time.

As an aside, I just realized this show airs on Sunday in the United States. That is kind of funny.


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