Space Dandy – 03

Once again we gather behind our monitors to enjoy the spectacle that is a dandy guy in space. You can expect much of the same wacky hyjinks that we have come to love from the show that killed off its main cast on the first episode.

Dandy being dandy in space.

Now, in hindsight we are all geniuses, but let me tell you the moment Mamitas popped up on the screen I knew she was trouble. When she first introduced herself my immediate thought was mammaries. I assumed her name was a joke playing off of her voluptuous breasts. While it may not have been intentional, almost certainly considering this is a Japanese show, her transformation does little to rain on my theory.

I am still a little confused over how the Ragians manage to survive on the planet without hunting down Mamitas. For starters, considering QT’s scan showed no living organisms, were they supposed to be some kind of mineral species? Other than the Alien-esk mouths inside their… mouths they appear somewhat rock-like. Considering they knew of Mamitas past victims they must live on the planet or at least nearby.

Either way, when we ran into Mamitas the Ragians had her on the run, literally. I find it hard to believe that they never managed to kill her. There was practically an army of them chasing her down. They very well could have lay on-top of her and simply suffocated her with those numbers.

We come in peace. Also from inside that mouth there.

Maybe it is just because I am a dog person, but I am very glad Meow was left behind. Mind you, Bones will have “forgotten” that he was forgotten next episode when he makes his return, all but unaware of his digestion, but I will take some small satisfaction in knowing that in one universe Meow is gone. I really just do not like the guy… cat… alien… whatever. I will admit he is starting to grow on me, but that is not to say I particularly care when the screen pans to him and he opens his mouth. Maybe it was just unfair having QT as part of the Dandy crew. The guy… I mean, robot is just so great. Everyone else pales in comparison.

Now, I went a little off tangent there. What I wanted to say was how glad I am Space Dandy is just fucking around. I really do not know if we will ever figure out how or why characters are just coming back to life. In all honesty, I would be fine with it never being explained. Each episode could just be its own universe. Besides Meow’s addition to the crew, nothing has really changed from episode to episode. I might have said this last week, but I am sure next week we will have a better idea of what is happening with the Dandy crew. Some kind of pattern will form.

Even to QT’s surprise, Mecha Dandy appears on the scene.

As it stands, Space Dandy is following in Cowboy Bebops footsteps, albeit a little less seriously. Each universe, or episode, has Doctor Gel pursuing Dandy. I doubt that will continue unresolved. While I am sure we are a ways from any kind of resolution, I eagerly await to see just what has the Gogol Empire in such a tizzy over a single dandy guy in space, though, it may not be Dandy they are after…


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