Nobunagun – 03

Every so often Japan gets around to creating something truly unique. I am referring, of course, to Drifters. Historical figures from all around the world are snatched from their own time and brought to another world to fight an evil force that threatens to overwhelm the entire planet. We see the likes of Oda Nobunaga, Hannibal, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance Kid become unlikely allies as they pool their strengths together to fight new unworldly foes.

Wait a minute, I was supposed to be writing about Nobunagun, not Drifters. You know, the show where historical figures from all around the world are snatched from their own time and stored so that they might face an evil force that threatens to overwhelm the entire planet in the future. My head must not be screwed on right. How could I mistake the two for one another? Especially considering how subpar Nobunagun is in light of Kouta Hirano’s work.

Bitterness aside, while Drifters is incomparably more entertaining, this weeks episode of Nobunagun leaves little to be desired, the exception being a couple more photos.

Nobunaga’s greatest weakness, scary things.

I have always been a stickler for historical figures coming to the future. I have never cared for their reincarnations or anything like that. What I enjoy is having these men of greatness simply floored by modern day technology and culture. Nobunagun robs me of that pleasure. Our cast are historical figures only in name. We have not yet seen the spirits residing within them interact with the world they have been cast into and I am worried we never will.

However, I can not criticize Nobunagun for this. Never was this going to be a show about historical figures lending their strength to the current generation as they fight monsters. That our cast gets their strength from the spirits of those long since passed is simply a hook. Sure, each character will have powers expected of their historical figure, but after their initial introduction the excitement over that concept will start to wane. When Ogura first got her gun we squealed because we knew that it was the kind of weapon Nobunaga would use if he was in an anime. However, it did not seem that special the next episode. Now she is just a character with a gun that happens to have Nobunaga’s spirit. The appeal is wearing off and Nobunagun now has to rekindle that flame or wow us with something new.

Imminent death approaching.

I apologize that this post was particularly short. The whole Drifter business really got to me. Either way though, I am eager to see how bat-shit insane Ogura will get next week as she faces down the creature that killed all of her new buddies. I am personally upset with the beast for destroying such a wonderful picture of Ogura.

It also seems that we will get to meet a new cast member, or more importantly a new historical figure, which is always interesting. I do not think we can expect much of them, though, considering how shafted everyone but Nobunaga, Jack, Newton, and Gandhi were in the OP. Still, it will be interesting.

Oda Nobunaga, snatched from his own time, finds himself in a mysterious land.

As an aside, read Drifters.


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