Buddy Complex – 03

When I first heard of Buddy Complex I quickly forgot about it. With a name like that I imagined it would not be worth watching. The few screenshots I caught a glimpse of did little to win me over. In fact, it was not until a couple of days ago that I realized that Buddy Complex was a mecha series. From the title I had assumed it was some kind of romance. Once that misunderstanding had been cleared up I dove head first into the trainwr… err… the series we have come to affectionately call Buddy Complex.

Coincidently, Aoba engages in battle with Hina.

I hate coincidences. I hate it when a character runs around a corner and coincidently knocks into a transfer student who later coincidently transfers into their class. I hate it when a character coincidently walks in on another character talking poorly about them only for drama to ensue. I hate coincidences.

Hina had been out of our minds for just a single episode before she came rocketing back in on a blaze of gunfire. It is such a crazy coincidence that she would be forced to participate in the second retrieval effort because of Aoba managing to turn the tides of battle. I hate it. She could have been reintroduced at any point in the series. We all knew she would be coming back. We were expecting her return, but I doubt any of us expected her to come back in just a single episode. It is as if Sunrise does not understand the meaning of suspense, of mystery. They robbed us of any discussion we might have had over who she might be in this universe by lazily throwing her in our face in just one episodes time.

How am I not dying with my helmet cracked?

Keeping this rant going, how on Earth did Aoba not realize it was Hina when their airborne engagement first began? He said it himself when he first saw his robot, “This is not the same one I came in on.” He had some semblance of an idea of what it looked like. He recognized Hina. Apparently, he remembered everything except what the robot that threw his life into a tizzy looked like.

I was waiting for it. The entire time he was fighting with Hina I was waiting for him to go, “Wait a second, this robot!” Yet it never came. It would have been far more resonable for him to identify Hina through her robot. We know for a fact that enemy combatants can communicate from their robots. Just look at the first episode. What ever happened to sharing all of Dio’s piloting knowledge?

The only reason we had the scene play out this way is Sunrise wanted to have some dramatic reveal for something completely underwhelming. They could have had a dramatic reunion if they had waited longer than one episode to have her reappear. This whole experience has shown me how much I love being dense. At the end of episode two I had no idea that girl was Hina. I had a week longer than most to think about when Hina might show up, to think about who she might be.

Hey there, I have the ability to take down flagships.

Moving on, let me tell you how the worst thing, the absolute worst thing, in a mecha series is when they decide to have something like this robot. The idea that there is some kind of mech with the firepower of a flagship and the mobility of a robot just infuriates me. The reason civilizations stopped building walls is because gunpowder made it easy to bring them toppling down. It became a waste of resources to construct these huge barriers. So let me ask you, if there are suddenly mechs buzzing around with the ability to take down these huge, bulky flagships, why would you keep manufacturing them? It goes without saying that these one-man mechs require far less maintenance and resources to construct. Why would they develop some otherworldly advanced flagship if it can still be taken down by a single mech?

I can understand having a superior mech, but never should it become some ungodly abomination with the power to take down entire fleets. It just ruins the universe. How can there be just one of these flagship fleet destroyers? What sane country – especially an empire with control of close to half the globe – would not produce as many of these bad-boys as they can? Are we really supposed to believe that they can not?

Now, despite all of my bitterness, I hold none of this against the series. Everything I have called stupid I accept. This is an anime. We can not expect things to be logical. It would not be exciting to have a bunch of these things flying around because ultimately that would mean the other side would something that counters them and they would stop being these crazy robots.

This is a load of barnacles.

I could go on about how awful the Buddy Complex universe is, but I can imagine how tired you are of my ranting for the time being. Next week I will be sure to touch up on a couple areas I left out. Look forward to it. Annoyances aside, I am having fun with Buddy Complex. I purposely avoided saying I am enjoying the series. Right now I am far too bitter about what Sunrise is doing wrong, in my opinion, to be enjoying the show.

Right now I am on the fence about this show. I have always loved shows about war. However, when it is just four robots fighting against another four robots it does not feel much like a war is going on. I am hoping we will get back to the kind of chaos we saw with episode two. While there was just as many robots flying around, it seemed far more chaotic. We get back to something like that and all of my complaints will melt away.


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