Hoozuki no Reitetsu – 02

Another week, another wondrous escapade into the depths of the Japanese Hell. You might recall the sheer excitement I shared last week over this series. That excitement has not been dampened in the slightest by this weeks showing, but rather has grown even more so with the introduction of a number of colorful characters. There were many things I expected to happen with the cast, but episode two has blown these expectations away with the appearance of Satan from the European Hell. I am more excited than ever for the future of this series.

The sagging… Oh God, the sagging!

I became completely obsessed with the OP of Hoozuki no Reitetsu last week. I use the past tense because I am no longer obsessed, though that is not to say my love for it has lessened in the slightest. It still remains, in my mind, one of the best OPs I have ever seen. Needless to say, after watching it as many times as I did I began to wonder who all of these people were. So many characters had not yet been introduced and I could only wonder who they might be. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect that Hoozuki no Reitetsu would branch out from the Japanese Hell and Heaven. I was completely floored when they introduced Satan from the European Hell. I must have seen him over fifty times and yet I not once thought it might be Satan. In my mind it was always some Japanese demon.

Needless to say, I love it. While I probably should not be, I was rather upset that Satan was as lily-livered as he was. I understand that the Japanese alternative will always be the superior alternative in a Japanese show, but I could not help but feel embarrassed that they portrayed my Satan as such a weak willed individual. It is a very conflicting emotion, I know. The entire time I could not help but think, “This is just insulting.” This episode has done well to show me that I am a terrible Christian. I apologize profusely, God.

Now, you may be confused because I did say I loved it and then followed that up with how much it annoyed me. While all that is true, while I did feel a tinge of anger at their portrayal of Satan, I was laughing the entire time. That in itself is something very unusual for me. I rarely, if ever, laugh at a show. I consider a comedy to be successful if it makes me smirk. To ask it to make me laugh is just setting the bar too high. Hoozuki no Reitetsu managed to make me laugh time and time again. It managed to get me humming along to a song about demons underwear. It is just unheard of for me to get so giddy over a show, but here I am watching a demon apprentice shakes his bottom at the screen, laughing hysterically. Something about the art, the voice actors, everything just seems to meld together perfectly.

Pure Bliss: Achieved.

With this weeks episode I am all but certain that Hoozuki no Reitetsu will go down as my AOTY. Heaven, Hell, wherever our cast goes seems to catch me in bouts of laughter. With every episode the cast grows on me more and their jokes become all the more funny. I can not wait for the introduction of what I can only see as Hoozuki’s love interest. The way he goes about doing everything is already hilarious, I can only imagine how he will treat love.


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