Pupipo! – 06

You might have noticed I skipped over episode five. That was not intentional. Perhaps it is a reflection of my level of interest, but I had completely forgotten about the series when it was released last week. However, that is not to say I do not enjoy Pupipo! The cliffhanger from two weeks ago really had me on the edge of my seat and while I expected a speedy resolution, what with the episodes being only a couple minutes long, I was very excited over how things were going to play out. If I had to put my finger on it, it would be that given that each episode is only a couple minutes long there was little reason to rush back into the show.

“Tonight… You…”

After a speedy resolution last week, we find ourselves introduced to a character with a familiar ability. You might also remember him from an earlier episode. At the time I had mistaken him for Ryouhei, the boy with the crush on Wakaba, but that misunderstanding was quickly cleared up with the introduction of Naoya. I have to say, I am really excited over this development. You have to understand that I never expected much from a show with episodes as short as this, but the story so far has been more exciting than most shows with full-length episodes. While I understand that there is only so much they can do with the time alloted, referring both to the length of the episodes and the number of episodes, I am interested to see how the relationship between these two who share this “curse” will play out.

Considering our cast is supposed to be in elementary school I am not all that interested in seeing if the two of them develop romantic feelings for one another. I can not say that everyone else feels the same. Despite their age, I could easily see AIC Plus+ shoehorning in some romance, albeit as a mere diversion to the story. Now when I refer to romance I am not talking about Ryouhei picking on Wakaba, but rather Wakaba and Naoya crying together as they lament their unearthly abilities. Either way, I do not think it will happen and I certainly hope it does not. It would definitely lessen the experience I am having watching Pupipo! It would just be awkward, you know?

Heard you talking shit about me.

Anyways, with Naoya left terrified of Wakaba I am really interested in seeing how she will get around to talking to him. It is obvious she yearns to talk to someone who shares her curse. I am still not entirely sure why he is frightened of her. While Wakaba was instantly drawn towards Pu, Naoya seems to have had the opposite reaction and is horrified of him. I know the manga would be further along and with all the answers, but I think I will wait and see next week what all this is about.


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