Buddy Complex – 04

Buddy Complex is an awful show. If you enjoy Buddy Complex you are an awful person. As an awful person who enjoys Buddy Complex you no doubt consort with other awful people. I suspect that the awful people who you share the company of are in some way associated with the terrorist cell known as Al Qaeda. As you are an awful person who associates with terrorists it is my God fearing duty to let you know you have awful taste in cartoons. May your virgins be your awfully husky and greasy associates.

With that spiel out of the way, Buddy Complex has brought itself to deaths door this week with painstakingly awful performance. Should Buddy Complex fail to rise from the ashes next time around I will be reformatting my hard-drive as to rid my computer of its filth. It goes without saying that this episode bombed harder than the Cygnus in combat against a single overpowered robot. The ending left me with a feeling reminiscent of when the Challenger blew up. Keep in mind, I was not alive at the time.

I am that one character with a couple pieces of facial hair so you can tell that I am older.

I am confused, Sunrise. I was under the impression that this guy was hurt. From the look of things, Mr. Facial Hair has two scratches from when… something happened which, obviously, would cause a scratch so shallow it would not draw blood. Actually, he looks as beat up as Aoba, having been punched once by Dio. I think we may have just stumbled onto something here. Dio must have supernatural strength to have been able inflict an injury of Mr. Facial Hair’s caliber with just his bare-hands. I am definitely going to watch out for any shining or tails next week. We might have a Super Saiyan on our hands. Jokes aside, this entire “You are our savior, Aoba Christ!” scene made me cringe. I want to chalk it up to a mistranslation of “hero”, but looking at the horrendous writing so far I do not think that is the case. What with Pinks identical proclamation, I am worried that we are supposed to see Aoba as some kind of miracle sent to dispatch the evil Zogalian menace. He is one guy. He should not have the abilities to change the course of the war. Of course, he will, though.

Now, maybe in the end Mr. Facial Hair’s injury really was not that bad. My entire rant is completely shot down by how they were actually minor injuries. OK, OK, I can take that. I will back off how horribly written and drawn that “emotionally charged” scene was. Now if that is the case, I have to wonder why Aoba was being such a little bitch, pardon my language, about going back to the Cygnus. “I do not want to hurt anyone else!” he says after the man he got hurt got away with a couple scratches. I mean, when I pushed that boy down the stairs and he broke he broke his leg and dislocated his arm I felt awful, though not as awful as Mr. Aoba Crybaby Christ. What I am trying to say is, part of me understands Aoba’s guilt. After my incident I did not use those stairs for a couple days. I took the extra two minutes to use the ones at the end of the hall. I was really shaken up, just as Aoba was, but that was over a broken spine. I had to live with him being disabled for a couple days before he succumbed to his injuries and died. From the look of things, Mr. Facial Hair was in no such condition. Aoba had no right to be as “broken up” as he was.

Aoba gives her “a hand”.

Now I want to rant very briefly over Aoba’s “emotional” scene outside of the Cygnus. Very brief. To start, it was painful to watch. I could not tell if it was George Clooney hamming it up on the screen or Aoba Christ, though that may have had more to do with the huge shadow that just dropped right on-top of Aoba because. You will notice that Aoba is so shaken by the scratches he gave Mr. Facial Hair that he literally begins to shake uncontrollably. After his little performance he continues to hold the pose until he gets the que from the director to stop looking like such a little bitch, ie. Pink saying one word and him completely regaining all of his composure.

I entirely believe Sunrise just went “Fuck it.” and left him in that pose to save the time it would take to make him not look like a complete child. There was literally no reason to draw him like that unless if they were trying to convey that Aoba was constipated or were trying to hint that Aoba is a compulsive liar and it was all just an act. The latter would be too interesting for Buddy Complex to pull off so we will just have to assume that he was so shy being around Pink that he never had the chance to use the bathroom. That pained expression is him desperately trying to keep the floodgates from bursting. This show truly is disgusting.

Chitose base, seconds away from the airborne battlefield.

Now before I wrap up this simply awful experience, I want to ask why did Chitose not send any support to the attacked civilian vessal? Why are their Zogalian so deep in enemy territory? Considering Buddy Complex is going for the bare minimum of effort, a ship which has more than three robots must be a flagship carrier with an invasion force. So how did they get sneak past the border? Maybe the reason Zogalia is having such an easy time invading everyone around them has less to do with their new technological discovery and more to do with these nations being completely incompetent. I have virtually no expectations for next weeks episode. Wait! I have one expectation, actually. I expect to drop this series after episode five, that is if I do not shoot myself before the credits begin to roll.


2 responses

  1. I guess I am a terrible person for liking this show. And I guess my taste is terrible =(

    I can see where you are coming from, there are tonnes of plot holes in the show. But hey, it’s supposed to be a fiction anyways, not everything is supposed to be picture perfect.

    I guess I just like the show because it’s a mecha anime, I generally like robots killing things. Except for valvrave…. That show is written hideously….

    1. You are not a terrible person. You have admitted your sin and are on the pathway to recovery. Jokes aside, the problem is that the series tries to be serious and it flops. The airborne battles, other than the small scale, are well animated and exciting. However, there is more to this series than just battles and that takes up most of the screentime.

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