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Pinying Translations

There is a new translation group on the scene working on Chinese Manhua. Turn your attention towards:

Right now we’re working on an interesting series called Gui Wang. I recommend you take a look. Chalk full of action-packed Chinese mythology. Right now only chapter one is available.

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End of the Week Report

This has been a rather weak week for Animation Anonymous. I did not get around to watching anything other than Buddy Complex. Also, I did not see any reason to cram seven or so episodes in on Sunday as I did last week. I will work to avoid this kind of mishap in the future.

Worst Episode of the Week: Buddy Complex

I am that one character with a couple pieces of facial hair so you can tell that I am older.

Milestone: Twenty Followers

I am very excited that I have reached twenty followers. In the last couple of days, that number has risen to twenty-four. I am more motivated than ever to expand on the content of the site, now that more people are viewing it everyday.

On another note, you may have noticed a slowdown in my posting. This has less to do with motivation and more to do with the increased workload from my classes. I hope to pick things up starting next week. I just need to find the right rhythm.

Either way, I am extremely grateful to you all for continuing to read my posts. I hope that I can continue to grow as a writer so that you come to enjoy my posts even more.

Milestone – A Hundred Views

While I am sure many would consider this number rather small, I am exceptionally excited and thankful to have reached a hundred views. When I first began writing I would have been happy with just twenty views. However, in just five days we have managed to reach a hundred!

I was hoping to have reached ten followers by the time I reached a hundred views. I liked the idea of coupling ten and a hundred. However, nine followers is eight more than I expected to have in five days. I hope you continue to read my posts as well as publish your own which I have come to enjoy reading and learning from.

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