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D-Frag! – 03

I was originally going to pass over D-Frag! because it is an adaption of something I am already reading. Not only that, it is a comedy. It did not seem like it would be worth watching considering I would already know all of the punchlines.

Needless to say, I eventually succumbed to the casts charms and decided to give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised with the few subtle changes Brains Base decided to make with the adaption.

Takao realizes she can never get married.

Considering how early on in the series we are and the fact that it is a comedy, I am going to simply write about how much I enjoyed this episode. Feel free to agree with me about how warm and fuzzy it made you feel. Do not worry, it is only weird if you say it, not type it.

Contrary to what I just said, there is something that has been bothering me about this adaption. Roka. I feel Brain Base made her far too emotional. Perhaps her emotions simply did not come across as strong in print, but throughout the last couple of episodes she has been far too reactive. That in itself is nothing to complain about, but this is an adaption. Those of you who have never read the manga have no reason to complain.

From the source material I came to see her as a somewhat more responsive Rei. However, in the anime she comes across simply as being shy. Now, that may have been the authors intent all along, but what Brain Base is doing to her character is ruining my image of her. Though I do get the feeling that I am alone in this belief, I always imagined her “emotional speeches” to be monotone or at the very least more reserved than how they are portrayed in the anime.

Wild Rako uses Headbutt.

In any case, without giving anything away, I am eager to see the sparks begin to fly. There is a reason D-Frag! is tagged harem and romance. It has been a while since I started the series so my memory is a little hazy, but I think the week after next we will finally be introduced to Kazama’s sister. Look forward to it. I know I am.

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