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Kill la Kill – 15

In an episode riddled with QUALITY shots, Senketsu and Ryuuko are finally reunited body and cloth after their dramatic (in hindsight, anti-climactic) separation. It deserves mention just how many QUALITY shots there were in this weeks episode. It was completely unacceptable. It was downright embarrassing. I have come to expect a certain level of quality from Kill la Kill. It is not that high yet TRIGGER still managed to fall short of it this week.

How could TRIGGER drop their baby on its head so carelessly? There have not been that many tense or climactic moments in Kill la Kill. I am going to have to assume episode fifteen was supposed to be one such moment. In what should have been a landmark episode for the series they left the entire experience feeling half-assed. I am highly unsympathetic to the under-payed animators and artists when they release something of this quality.

Mr. Crabs worshiping the all powerful yen.

Last week TRIGGER destroyed any semblance of suspense or tension when it was revealed Senketsu was fine and after twenty minutes was all but completely restored. I realized then that TRIGGER has no intention of having any sort of drama in Kill la Kill. Every problem that arises within the series will be resolved either in that episode or the next. Following my theory, with Nudist Beach getting destroyed this episode it will be revealed next week that there are reserves hiding out throughout the country and that they will be back at full strength for episode seventeen.

When it was revealed that Satsuki held the final piece of Senketsu I legitimately believed she would just hand it over. That is how pessimistic I am in regards to any sort of exciting development in Kill la Kill. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when Satsuki at least tried to keep it from Ryuuko. It is such a great thing that Ryuuko was able to transform without the final piece. It would have been terrible if something actually happened in the show and she could not use Senketsu for more than one episode. I mean, I was so relieved last week when it turned out that she had become stronger and it was not a problem that she could not use Senketsu to defeat the students imbued with his patches. Heaven forbid there was some kind of problem in Ryuuko’s way that could not be solved in twenty minutes or less.

“He is getting in the way of an actual plot development!”

Now, there are people who are going to disagree, “Were you not watching? Nudist Beach is in shambles! Something crazy happened!” Oh, really? That is downright awful. I mean, up until now they have been the only element in this series that has been fighting against the Kiryuuins’. Oh wait, that was Ryuuko. This is the first time we have ever seen Nudist Beach.

Aside from mentioning once that Tsumugu was attacking schools we have yet to see any kind of impact from the actions of Nudist Beach. Goodness gracious, now they are gone? Satsuki always mentioned how they were a thorn in her side, mind you we never saw or were told how, but good gracious. Who knows what might happen now. Nudist Beach has been all but destroyed. Aaaaaaah (read in monotone).

Why on Earth are we supposed to feel any which way over their destruction when this is literally the first time we have seen them? TRIGGER could have included thirty seconds of Nudist Beach attacking Kiryuuin activities every other episode. They could have had bystanders talking about the recent attack on the Kiryuuins’. They could have done anything with Nudist Beach aside from it being a huge joke, but they did not and now they are gone. I do not even know how to feel about this. Other than disappointment I really do not know how to describe these feelings.

“This may be our first screentime, but we are a big deal and our loss is a huge blow to the Kill la Kill universe.””

I could go on, but I have already bothered you enough. Despite everything I said, I had… fun with this episode. The same kind of fun a child has watching Teletubbies, though. I managed to sit through it all in one sitting so it was not complete trash. However, after expecting so much more from these last two episodes it is devastatingly disappointing to have this kind of resolution. I remember when Nudist Beach was first introduced and I was so excited to see their activities. Let me tell you, this is a far-cry from what I imagined.

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