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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 03

“That makes me a terrible person, does it not?” Yes, Kobeni, you are a terrible person for suffering from brain-damage. No doubt God is punishing you for your terribleness by having you suffer from brain-damage for forgetting something due to brain-damage. Trust me on this one, God works in mysterious ways. Especially those Japanese Gods. Bunch of crazies. Enough about Gods, though. We already talk about them plenty what with Noragami and Hoozuki no Reitetsu airing at the same time.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei continues to be a delight to the sensations this week as we finally see our Mashiro venture into the unknown depths of the Student Council room. On another exciting note, after much anticipation she partakes of the British Scones. “All this and more, next week on Mikakunin de Shinkoukei!” Enough of that, though that is how they should hype up the previews.

Mashiro laments her role as Benio’s plaything.

You might recall, or are just learning now, that I was worried over how Dogakobo intended to introduce the first element of drama we have seen in the series: Kobeni’s accident and subsequent brain-damage. Now, I am going to continue calling it brain-damage because that is what it is. If you feel that is too harsh a label for what happened to her and are perhaps upset that I am calling a character you may have drawn attached to brain-damaged, tough luck.

Really, I have no idea why I keep digressing. Getting back on point, I was worried that the introduction of drama would be jarring considering how light everything has been up to now. I can safely say, however, that Dogakobo did an amazing job informing us, and Kobeni, about her accident.

Benio roofies Kobeni.

I really can not think of a better way they could have done it. Since it is at the very end of the episode, but not the very end, we will most likely find our cast beyond the confines of Benio’s room next week. There is little reason to believe that we will find ourselves continuing this conversation when we tune in for the next episode. This works well because we do not want to dwell on this little piece of drama. This is a comedy. It should never get too heavy.

Now, I am just overjoyed with Kobeni’s reaction. With this development it seems our boy Hakuya might be getting some requited love, though it may be out of a sense of guilt more than anything else. Running with that thought, if that happens I can foresee Hakuya realizing Kobeni guilt over the incident and getting upset, something along the lines of “Do not feel you have to love me, yada yada yada” making her realize just how in love she is with him. This is the kind of “drama” I can see down the road. Luckily, we will have plenty of potholes filled with comedy along the way. Mashiro and Benio will make sure of that.

“Do not jump. You are damaged enough as it is!”

Well, I have plenty more to say about this series, but I do not want to take up any more of your time. Now this next bit I am writing more for myself, but I think I will continue to keep my posts rather brief except I plan to occasionally write up a larger post about my thoughts on a broader level. This post is for episode three. It would not seem right to get to far ahead or behind this weeks episode in this post.

Either way, this site is still rather new. I have all the time in the world to figure out what new things I can do with it. For the time being, I am just going to keep things simple. I digressed far too much in this post…


Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 02

I have never been all that interested in romances. Now, while we have yet to see any real romance aside from blushing and loli-abuse, I am already rooting for Benio and Mashiro. Sparks just seem to fly when the two of them share the screen. I am very impressed by Dogakobo for this rather elaborate setup. There was a time when I was just as naive as you were, thinking they were pairing Kobeni and Hakuya. Boy do I feel stupid. Benio and Mashiro take the spotlight and run away with it during this weeks episode.

True love.

Given that Hakuya does not show up much outside of the series, that is to say the promotional material, I was not exactly expecting him to play a large rule on the screen. Still, I would like to see more Kobeni/Hakuya dynamic. I understand that this is only the second episode and that his character is supposed to be reserved, but I would like to see him dragged into all the zaniness that is happening around him. I was very pleased with his project constantly being destroyed. Call me simple, but I laughed every time it came tumbling down.

How can you stay mad at a bundle of joy like Mashiro?

What I really like about this episode is that it shows us that this is not going to be a show that focuses exclusively on Kobeni and Hakuya. We are not going to see Mashiro and Benio serve simply as foils to the development of their relationship. It seems all too often that good characters do not get fleshed out because they had the misfortune of being drawn up as part of the supporting cast.

While I am sure that Kobeni and Hakuya will take the spotlight away from these two in due time, I think we will have gotten our fill of the rest of the cast by then. Mind you, never can you have too much of a good thing. Mashiro, Mashiro, Mashiro. Her voice actress, Yuri Yoshida, is doing a superb job for her first role. In all honesty, I thought she was Mayumi Shintani, Nonon from Kill la Kill.

Mashiro’s smile is a miracle of the universe.

I am sure that most of us have an idea of what happened between Kobeni and Hakuya after seeing this episode. Personally, I am rather concerned as to how it will slip into the story. We have not yet run into anything even remotely dark, the exception being making Mashiro crying, so I am really at a loss as to how Dogakobo intends to introduce this incident. I can imagine how jarring it would be if things suddenly got grim in the Yonomori household.

Well, I am sure we will not be having Kobeni remembering anything for a number of episodes. Japan would not stand for any actual romance that extended beyond a couple of episodes.

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