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Ichiro Nagai Passes Away

With his last role as the ramen shop owner from the second episode of Space Dandy, Ichiro Nagai passed away today. Found collapsed in his hotel, he was taken to a hospital where he died. He was eighty-two years old.

I was most familiar with Ichiro Nagai’s work from his roles as Karin, from Dragon Ball, 006, from Cyborg 009, Netero, from Hunter x Hunter, and D’s Left Hand, from Vampire Hunter D. These roles are but a fraction of his enermous and highly successful career.

I can not help but compare his passing to that of Marlin Brando who, upon deaths door, took up a small voice acting role as an old lady for a Western cartoon. I am glad we were able to hear Ichiro Nagai perform one last time.

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