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Buddy Complex – 04

Buddy Complex is an awful show. If you enjoy Buddy Complex you are an awful person. As an awful person who enjoys Buddy Complex you no doubt consort with other awful people. I suspect that the awful people who you share the company of are in some way associated with the terrorist cell known as Al Qaeda. As you are an awful person who associates with terrorists it is my God fearing duty to let you know you have awful taste in cartoons. May your virgins be your awfully husky and greasy associates.

With that spiel out of the way, Buddy Complex has brought itself to deaths door this week with painstakingly awful performance. Should Buddy Complex fail to rise from the ashes next time around I will be reformatting my hard-drive as to rid my computer of its filth. It goes without saying that this episode bombed harder than the Cygnus in combat against a single overpowered robot. The ending left me with a feeling reminiscent of when the Challenger blew up. Keep in mind, I was not alive at the time.

I am that one character with a couple pieces of facial hair so you can tell that I am older.

I am confused, Sunrise. I was under the impression that this guy was hurt. From the look of things, Mr. Facial Hair has two scratches from when… something happened which, obviously, would cause a scratch so shallow it would not draw blood. Actually, he looks as beat up as Aoba, having been punched once by Dio. I think we may have just stumbled onto something here. Dio must have supernatural strength to have been able inflict an injury of Mr. Facial Hair’s caliber with just his bare-hands. I am definitely going to watch out for any shining or tails next week. We might have a Super Saiyan on our hands. Jokes aside, this entire “You are our savior, Aoba Christ!” scene made me cringe. I want to chalk it up to a mistranslation of “hero”, but looking at the horrendous writing so far I do not think that is the case. What with Pinks identical proclamation, I am worried that we are supposed to see Aoba as some kind of miracle sent to dispatch the evil Zogalian menace. He is one guy. He should not have the abilities to change the course of the war. Of course, he will, though.

Now, maybe in the end Mr. Facial Hair’s injury really was not that bad. My entire rant is completely shot down by how they were actually minor injuries. OK, OK, I can take that. I will back off how horribly written and drawn that “emotionally charged” scene was. Now if that is the case, I have to wonder why Aoba was being such a little bitch, pardon my language, about going back to the Cygnus. “I do not want to hurt anyone else!” he says after the man he got hurt got away with a couple scratches. I mean, when I pushed that boy down the stairs and he broke he broke his leg and dislocated his arm I felt awful, though not as awful as Mr. Aoba Crybaby Christ. What I am trying to say is, part of me understands Aoba’s guilt. After my incident I did not use those stairs for a couple days. I took the extra two minutes to use the ones at the end of the hall. I was really shaken up, just as Aoba was, but that was over a broken spine. I had to live with him being disabled for a couple days before he succumbed to his injuries and died. From the look of things, Mr. Facial Hair was in no such condition. Aoba had no right to be as “broken up” as he was.

Aoba gives her “a hand”.

Now I want to rant very briefly over Aoba’s “emotional” scene outside of the Cygnus. Very brief. To start, it was painful to watch. I could not tell if it was George Clooney hamming it up on the screen or Aoba Christ, though that may have had more to do with the huge shadow that just dropped right on-top of Aoba because. You will notice that Aoba is so shaken by the scratches he gave Mr. Facial Hair that he literally begins to shake uncontrollably. After his little performance he continues to hold the pose until he gets the que from the director to stop looking like such a little bitch, ie. Pink saying one word and him completely regaining all of his composure.

I entirely believe Sunrise just went “Fuck it.” and left him in that pose to save the time it would take to make him not look like a complete child. There was literally no reason to draw him like that unless if they were trying to convey that Aoba was constipated or were trying to hint that Aoba is a compulsive liar and it was all just an act. The latter would be too interesting for Buddy Complex to pull off so we will just have to assume that he was so shy being around Pink that he never had the chance to use the bathroom. That pained expression is him desperately trying to keep the floodgates from bursting. This show truly is disgusting.

Chitose base, seconds away from the airborne battlefield.

Now before I wrap up this simply awful experience, I want to ask why did Chitose not send any support to the attacked civilian vessal? Why are their Zogalian so deep in enemy territory? Considering Buddy Complex is going for the bare minimum of effort, a ship which has more than three robots must be a flagship carrier with an invasion force. So how did they get sneak past the border? Maybe the reason Zogalia is having such an easy time invading everyone around them has less to do with their new technological discovery and more to do with these nations being completely incompetent. I have virtually no expectations for next weeks episode. Wait! I have one expectation, actually. I expect to drop this series after episode five, that is if I do not shoot myself before the credits begin to roll.


Ichiro Nagai Passes Away

With his last role as the ramen shop owner from the second episode of Space Dandy, Ichiro Nagai passed away today. Found collapsed in his hotel, he was taken to a hospital where he died. He was eighty-two years old.

I was most familiar with Ichiro Nagai’s work from his roles as Karin, from Dragon Ball, 006, from Cyborg 009, Netero, from Hunter x Hunter, and D’s Left Hand, from Vampire Hunter D. These roles are but a fraction of his enermous and highly successful career.

I can not help but compare his passing to that of Marlin Brando who, upon deaths door, took up a small voice acting role as an old lady for a Western cartoon. I am glad we were able to hear Ichiro Nagai perform one last time.

End of the Week Report

This was an exciting week both for the site and for anime. This will have been the first full week I have covered. I am very happy with the number of views I am getting. While lower than I had hoped, I have managed to accumulate two-hundred and forty. What I am more excited about, however, is finally reaching ten followers. In the last couple of days, though, that number has increased to sixteen. While still rather low, it is both exciting and nerve-wracking knowing that sixteen people are following Animation Anonymous.

On another note, you might have noticed that my posts these last couple of days have been rather poor. I must apologize. I have been busy these last couple of days and my posts have suffered because of it. Normally, after writing a post I will go back to it an hour later and make revisions. Unfortunately, I just have not had the time to do so as of late. When I finally find the time, I tend to value releasing new posts over revising older ones. For this, again, I apologize. I will be making the revisions after I publish this weekend report.

Best Episode of the Week: Noragami

I have seen some things, man.

It was very difficult deciding between Noragami and Space Dandy. In the end, though, I had to go with Noragami as it had more substance. While Space Dandy had me laughing hysterically, Noragami had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation chuckling. Noragami has planted the seeds of intrigue with this weeks showing. I can not wait to see what they grow into.

Worst Episode of the Week: Kill la Kill

“This may be our first screentime, but we are a big deal and our loss is a huge blow to the Kill la Kill universe.”

In the span of just two episodes, TRIGGER managed to bring the entire show to a full circle. While some might say that the loss of Nudist Beach is a huge development in the Kill la Kill universe, I disagree. It is much like learning that your great aunt Sally finally succumbed to old age. Who is this great aunt Sally? This is the first time I have ever heard of her. I understand that her loss is tragic, but how am I supposed to feel having never met her before? How are we supposed to feel when this is the first time we have ever seen the Nudist Beach organization?

Most Entertaining Episode of the Week: Space Dandy

Forget orally, this bad-boy can be transmitted digitally!

I rarely, if ever, laugh at comedies. I will understand that something is funny, perhaps acknowledge that it is funny with a smirk, but rarely will I ever laugh. There were several times throughout episode four that I found myself laughing hysterically. From now on whenever I try to get a friend into anime I will show them Space Dandy episode four. They will succumb. They must…

Best Ending of the Week: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Benio roofies Kobeni.

For a love comedy, Mikakunin de Shinkoukei really knows how to grab your attention. The cat is out of the bag this week as Kobeni learns of her accident. I am very excited to see how her relationship with Hakuya will evolve from this revelation. If my theory is correct, we can expect to see Kobeni be a lot more dere around Hakuya next week.

Biggest Surprise of the Week: Nobunagun

“Watch as I laugh derisively.”

I really had given up on Nobunagun. It was fun to watch, but once the credits began to roll you quickly forgot about it. I was really left with no lasting impressions week after week besides the fact that Ogura was olev. With this weeks episode I can firmly say that I am excited to see how this series will pan out. I hope this week was not just a fluke and that we continue to get entertaining episodes like this one more often.

Biggest Disappointment of the Week: Buddy Complex

Coincidently, Aoba engages in battle with Hina.

Whoa there, Sunrise, thanks for ruining any semblance of a dramatic reunion. Heaven forbid Hina is actually an exciting part of the Buddy Complex cast instead of just a foot-soldier who will occassionally bump heads with Aoba. I was really hoping that she would not show up for at least seven episodes. I wanted her to be out of Aoba’s mind and then just shatter his new world with her entrance. Instead we get this. I really have no expectations when it comes to the future of this series.

Noragami – 04

You might remember last week that I mentioned how excited I was for this weeks episode. In particular, I was curious to see if the stalking spirit would make her presence known to Yato. Well, you saw the episode and already know the answer. So many possibilities ran through my mind but not once did I ever consider that she was Yato’s former Regalia, but not only that, a Regalia Yato killed.

I have seen some things, man.

I can think of no better place to start than with the irony, or rather sound logic, behind Yato dating Kofuku, a god of poverty. They make such a perfect couple. I have to say, I would probably have to consider remaining a lesser, impoverished god if it meant being able to spend my days with Kofuku. She did prove herself to be rather unfaithful in this episode, though. No! I must not think like that. No doubt Kofuku misunderstood what was going on. That must be it. Yato is miserable enough. He should not have to deal with a cheating girlfriend.

Getting back on point, I had a good laugh when I realized she was a god of poverty. My first thought when I saw him frolicking about with her was that he must be hiding something amazing to have snagged such a cutie. In the end, though, it was one of his worst and most observable traits that attracted her to him. I could not help but smirk at that. It is this kind of subtle humor that I really enjoy about Noragami.

Throw caution to the wind and dance!

Moving on, you might recall how much I wanted Yato to have some kind of interesting past. I did not want for him to simply be this fall-out of a god that never managed to get popular. While I never went into it last week, what I was really hoping for was some kind of incident which left him unpopular and would also leave him with some sort of rival. While this episode has done little to support this theory, the fact that we see Yato from when he was younger in the OP seems to suggest that we will be revisiting his past throughout the series. They will definitely have to justify his slaying of his Regalia, though that might not come up for quite a number of episodes. I really can only imagine it being explained when Yato finds himself in a particularly tight spot and has to decide whether or not to call his old Regalia.

Speaking of his old Regalia, I am entirely convinced that she is dead. We really do not know what happens to Regalia when they are slain, but the fact that she has this translucent glow about her and is wearing the stereotypical spirit garb points to the fact that she is dead. Perhaps she has somehow slipped out of the afterlife to be together with Yato. This theory is entirely baseless, but all of the different marks on her could be from all the various gods who have used her. Again, this is completely baseless, but in death all of her previous marks could have appeared. Another theory which is completely baseless but is more likely, though that is not to say it is likely, is that Yato toyed around with empowering her which involved giving her all of those different marks which eventually killed her.

We could easily find out the truth by looking at the manga, but where is the fun in that? Half the excitement about a series like this is the speculation and discussion. It is something many shows fail to foster. The fact that Noragami does it is one of the reasons I am enjoying it so much.

Old and busted.

Noragami did a much better job getting me psyched for next weeks episode last week. I actually had to go back and see how episode four ended. I completely forgot. However, that is not to say it did not end on a high note. I am glad the spirit was introduced towards the end. I like that kind of mysterious entry and departure. While I hate to look at the previews, I can say after watching them that I am very excited for next weeks episode. I have had a bunch of theories buzzing around my head about who those three were and so I am looking forward to finally finding out.

Nobunagun – 04

Getting past the jarringly out of place tunes of the OP we are met with a change in art style. I originally groaned at what I perceived to be Bridge dropping the ball, but in the end it turned out to be an intentional design choice that worked out pretty well for what I consider the heaviest episode of the series thus far.

I have to apologize, Bridge, Nobunagun, I really had no expectations for you. I left them at the door at the end of episode three. Perhaps I was bitter at the similarities it shared with Drifters. Whatever the reason, I never imagined the series would be able to entertain me. I have seen the errors of my way. With this weeks episode I realize now that you have the abilities to be interesting. You have just been shy these last couple of weeks. That is just fine, though. “Well, a woman who will kiss on the very first date is usually a hussy and a woman who will kiss on the second time out is anything but fussy.”

“Watch as I laugh derisively.”

I am pessimistic by nature so when I saw just how drastic the art looked from previous episodes my expectations plummeted. I am almost instantly declared the fourth episode of Nobunagun the worst episode of the week. It was only because of the promise of more Ogura, the only redeemable aspect of the show so far, that I ventured forward. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that the change in art style was no accident, or at the very least was played off so well that it did not appear to be one.

The rest of the episode would follow in suit, the characters and scenery featuring heavy black borders. As a huge fan of Madhouse, and that being very much a part Madhouse’s style, I fell in love with the new visuals. I am excited to see if they will return in later episodes, but that is an issue for another time. The darker tones (referring to the art) matched perfectly with the darker tone (referring to the mood) of this weeks showing. Bridge really nailed it this week.

Nobunaga’s true ambition to be a pretty dancing girl revealed this week on Nobunagun!

Now looking back on last weeks post, you might recall my slanderous remarks that Nobunagun had less to do with historical figures and more to do with characters calling themselves the embodiement of historical figures. I felt Bridge did little to connect the two. Once again I am shamed by my impatience. They did a great job roping Nobunaga back into the story. With this I can only assume that we will be seeing much more of him as the series plays out. While his scene was enjoyable this week, it would be nice to see him interacting with the world through Ogura’s eyes. I can only hope we get something like that later on.

This makes me wonder, and this will most likely never been touched upon, what kind of messed up images Adam must see what with having Jack the Ripper running rampant in his mind. Obviously none do otherwise he would be rather unstable at the best of times. They definitely would not pair him up with a young lady like Ogura lest they wanted him to gut her like a fish. She may not be a prostitute, but Nobunaga does not seem to mind slaughtering Invasion Objects despite them not being Imagawans.

This is one spacious helicopter…

With the end of episode four I could not help but compare the Invasion Objects to the BETA. It would be unfair of me to say that nothing Nobunagun does is original, that they are simply merging the early Muv Luv universe with that of the Drifters universe. It really would be unfair. However, life is not always sunshine and roses. As it stands this series feels like a poor mans Drifter and Muv Luv on acid. That is not to say I am not enjoying it. With this most recent episode my expectations for this series have finally materialized. I can only hope they do not disappear with next weeks episode.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda – 03

It is that time of the week again. I said week, not month. You need to pay more attention to what someone writes and leave less to the imagination, not that I am saying creativity is not an important thing. See what happens when you let your mind wander? Ahem, that time of the week again, yes yes, when Animation Anonymous is invaded by the dreadful likes of Zvezda and once again we are given a front-row seat to the devastation that they leave behind.

The terror that is Zvezda.

This weeks episode focused on the weakest and by the far the most unpopular member of the Zvezda organization, Yasu. I will not lie, when he was first being punished in episode one I was really hoping he would be dealt a lethal blow. That is not to say I expected anything less than “No supper”. Still, to have an episode dedicated to this guy so early on in the series is somewhat of a bummer. It was saved somewhat by Gorou, though I would have preferred a Gorou centric episode with Yasu as support. Either way, we must deal with the cards we are dealt and in this case they were pretty awful.

However, that is not to say that this episode was a total downer. It was great finally getting to see Zvezda mobilizing the masses. I want to believe that in future episodes the Smoke Busters will make a return as loyal Zvezda foot-soldiers. You might recall last week that I mentioned how I was worried there would not be any actual invading, that the show would build up to a single decisive battle. While we were told that thirty percent of the city had fallen to Zvezda control, we really can not say for certain that was not just a joke and will not be reflected in future episodes.

Not to “dampen” your parade or anything, but this pun is awful.

I have to admit I was rather shocked when I realized that they would be conquering smokers this week. I had this image, and still do, of Japan as a hotbed of smokers. Most, if not all, of the students I have met from the country and neighboring countries are heavy smokers and have painted a similar picture for me. Yet from this episode I would have to believe that most Japanese are opposed to smoking otherwise it would be a rather unpopular move by the show to attack smokers. They would risk alienating a chunk of their viewers.

Needless to say, even if the Japanese are not the heavy smokers I envisioned them to be I was surprised at how harsh Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda was with them. It bordered being more than a simple tease. If I smoked I would definitely feel awkward about this weeks episode, or at the very least would be a little less enthusiastic about it. It is a good thing I am not a smoker because. It would have been a tad hurtful to learn that the people behind the series do not think I have a soul.

You came to the wrong neighborhood.

Either way, I am really excited for next weeks episode. I just love new characters. Now, the world love is thrown around so loosely nowadays that it has lost its impact. When I say I love new characters I mean that it can be the difference between an episode being OK and great. If an episode manages to introduce a new character well it easily jumps up a couple ranks on my interest chart. So again, I am really excited for new weeks episode for when we get to meet Odin.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu – 02

Another week, another wondrous escapade into the depths of the Japanese Hell. You might recall the sheer excitement I shared last week over this series. That excitement has not been dampened in the slightest by this weeks showing, but rather has grown even more so with the introduction of a number of colorful characters. There were many things I expected to happen with the cast, but episode two has blown these expectations away with the appearance of Satan from the European Hell. I am more excited than ever for the future of this series.

The sagging… Oh God, the sagging!

I became completely obsessed with the OP of Hoozuki no Reitetsu last week. I use the past tense because I am no longer obsessed, though that is not to say my love for it has lessened in the slightest. It still remains, in my mind, one of the best OPs I have ever seen. Needless to say, after watching it as many times as I did I began to wonder who all of these people were. So many characters had not yet been introduced and I could only wonder who they might be. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect that Hoozuki no Reitetsu would branch out from the Japanese Hell and Heaven. I was completely floored when they introduced Satan from the European Hell. I must have seen him over fifty times and yet I not once thought it might be Satan. In my mind it was always some Japanese demon.

Needless to say, I love it. While I probably should not be, I was rather upset that Satan was as lily-livered as he was. I understand that the Japanese alternative will always be the superior alternative in a Japanese show, but I could not help but feel embarrassed that they portrayed my Satan as such a weak willed individual. It is a very conflicting emotion, I know. The entire time I could not help but think, “This is just insulting.” This episode has done well to show me that I am a terrible Christian. I apologize profusely, God.

Now, you may be confused because I did say I loved it and then followed that up with how much it annoyed me. While all that is true, while I did feel a tinge of anger at their portrayal of Satan, I was laughing the entire time. That in itself is something very unusual for me. I rarely, if ever, laugh at a show. I consider a comedy to be successful if it makes me smirk. To ask it to make me laugh is just setting the bar too high. Hoozuki no Reitetsu managed to make me laugh time and time again. It managed to get me humming along to a song about demons underwear. It is just unheard of for me to get so giddy over a show, but here I am watching a demon apprentice shakes his bottom at the screen, laughing hysterically. Something about the art, the voice actors, everything just seems to meld together perfectly.

Pure Bliss: Achieved.

With this weeks episode I am all but certain that Hoozuki no Reitetsu will go down as my AOTY. Heaven, Hell, wherever our cast goes seems to catch me in bouts of laughter. With every episode the cast grows on me more and their jokes become all the more funny. I can not wait for the introduction of what I can only see as Hoozuki’s love interest. The way he goes about doing everything is already hilarious, I can only imagine how he will treat love.

Pupipo! – 06

You might have noticed I skipped over episode five. That was not intentional. Perhaps it is a reflection of my level of interest, but I had completely forgotten about the series when it was released last week. However, that is not to say I do not enjoy Pupipo! The cliffhanger from two weeks ago really had me on the edge of my seat and while I expected a speedy resolution, what with the episodes being only a couple minutes long, I was very excited over how things were going to play out. If I had to put my finger on it, it would be that given that each episode is only a couple minutes long there was little reason to rush back into the show.

“Tonight… You…”

After a speedy resolution last week, we find ourselves introduced to a character with a familiar ability. You might also remember him from an earlier episode. At the time I had mistaken him for Ryouhei, the boy with the crush on Wakaba, but that misunderstanding was quickly cleared up with the introduction of Naoya. I have to say, I am really excited over this development. You have to understand that I never expected much from a show with episodes as short as this, but the story so far has been more exciting than most shows with full-length episodes. While I understand that there is only so much they can do with the time alloted, referring both to the length of the episodes and the number of episodes, I am interested to see how the relationship between these two who share this “curse” will play out.

Considering our cast is supposed to be in elementary school I am not all that interested in seeing if the two of them develop romantic feelings for one another. I can not say that everyone else feels the same. Despite their age, I could easily see AIC Plus+ shoehorning in some romance, albeit as a mere diversion to the story. Now when I refer to romance I am not talking about Ryouhei picking on Wakaba, but rather Wakaba and Naoya crying together as they lament their unearthly abilities. Either way, I do not think it will happen and I certainly hope it does not. It would definitely lessen the experience I am having watching Pupipo! It would just be awkward, you know?

Heard you talking shit about me.

Anyways, with Naoya left terrified of Wakaba I am really interested in seeing how she will get around to talking to him. It is obvious she yearns to talk to someone who shares her curse. I am still not entirely sure why he is frightened of her. While Wakaba was instantly drawn towards Pu, Naoya seems to have had the opposite reaction and is horrified of him. I know the manga would be further along and with all the answers, but I think I will wait and see next week what all this is about.

Space Dandy – 04

In what has quickly become my favorite episode of the decade, Space Dandy soars through the stars and straight into our hearts, or rather brains, this week with an episode chalk full of zombie shenanigans. If you are not watching Space Dandy, have stopped watching Space Dandy, accidentally found this page while looking to fulfill your aspirations to travel to space, you need to watch episode four of Space Dandy. I am not asking you to pick up the series. Just watch episode four.

Oops. Wrong door.

This move by Bones was simply amazing. They threw the rules out the door this week by having our cast die (again). Too many shows are hung up on being serious, on the third-rate story they are trying to tell. It seems as if only one show every other season has a half decent story. Most of the time we get bogged down with idealistic nonsense that the writers could have submitted as a paper in High School for a B-. We need more shows like Space Dandy that just try to entertain. There is some overarching agenda, but each episode is our cast just living out the universe.

I love zombies. Zombies would no doubt love me. I am one great hunk of meat. Read into that as you will, I am prime zombie eating. Getting back on point, as I love zombies it was only natural that an episode dedicated to zombies would keep my eyes focused to the screen and then maybe pressed against it a little too. What I did not expect, and really is just Bones throwing the rule book out the door, is that we did not just have a zombie episode. We had a zombie episode.

In recent memory, Panty and Stocking is the last show to have an honest to goodness zombie episode. However, that was a zombie survival episode. It was a great laugh, mind you, but the humor revolved around our angelic pair trying to get through the zombie apocalypse, not on the zombies themselves. Let me explain, the jokes were not about the zombies, but rather played off the fact that there were zombies. We were laughing at Panty and Stocking surviving (and ultimately dying) in a zombie apocalypse. It is in that way that this weeks episode separates itself even more so, in my mind anyways, from anything we have seen done with zombies in anime. The zombies were the humor.

Forget orally, this bad-boy can be transmitted digitally!

Now, I really do not see any reason to talk about why it was funny because I am sure you found this episode hilarious without me having to explain anything, so let me tell you what I loved most about this episode. It solidifies the zaniness of this series. This episode really puts away any worries I might have had over the future of this show. Now, some might say that this show is just stupid that it is not going anywhere and is a complete waste of time to watch. These are the same people who something something implication of lacking humor something something. You know what I mean? We have had far too many comedies that were just slice of life comedies.

It was almost as if Japan had become allergic to the idea of a comedy taking place outside of a school. I can not take anything seriously in Space Dandy, nor am I supposed to. The entire universe from this star to the other are just one big joke. I can not think of any recent shows that have taken this liberty. It seems like shows today have to be serious, that they have to have some semblance of a plot or drama. It is almost as if they are afraid of relying solely on their humor. This is something that Space Dandy is doing that I am just so excited over and relieved for.

Am I kawaii? uguu~

I know my thoughts were all over the place, but so has Space Dandy these last couple of weeks. I am sure I am repeating myself here, but that is something I have come to love from this series. I have no idea where it is heading and I can not have any idea. It is wonderful. Space Dandy has earned a special place in my heart if not solely for this episode. I am more excited than ever for what the future holds for this truly special and memorable series.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 03

“That makes me a terrible person, does it not?” Yes, Kobeni, you are a terrible person for suffering from brain-damage. No doubt God is punishing you for your terribleness by having you suffer from brain-damage for forgetting something due to brain-damage. Trust me on this one, God works in mysterious ways. Especially those Japanese Gods. Bunch of crazies. Enough about Gods, though. We already talk about them plenty what with Noragami and Hoozuki no Reitetsu airing at the same time.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei continues to be a delight to the sensations this week as we finally see our Mashiro venture into the unknown depths of the Student Council room. On another exciting note, after much anticipation she partakes of the British Scones. “All this and more, next week on Mikakunin de Shinkoukei!” Enough of that, though that is how they should hype up the previews.

Mashiro laments her role as Benio’s plaything.

You might recall, or are just learning now, that I was worried over how Dogakobo intended to introduce the first element of drama we have seen in the series: Kobeni’s accident and subsequent brain-damage. Now, I am going to continue calling it brain-damage because that is what it is. If you feel that is too harsh a label for what happened to her and are perhaps upset that I am calling a character you may have drawn attached to brain-damaged, tough luck.

Really, I have no idea why I keep digressing. Getting back on point, I was worried that the introduction of drama would be jarring considering how light everything has been up to now. I can safely say, however, that Dogakobo did an amazing job informing us, and Kobeni, about her accident.

Benio roofies Kobeni.

I really can not think of a better way they could have done it. Since it is at the very end of the episode, but not the very end, we will most likely find our cast beyond the confines of Benio’s room next week. There is little reason to believe that we will find ourselves continuing this conversation when we tune in for the next episode. This works well because we do not want to dwell on this little piece of drama. This is a comedy. It should never get too heavy.

Now, I am just overjoyed with Kobeni’s reaction. With this development it seems our boy Hakuya might be getting some requited love, though it may be out of a sense of guilt more than anything else. Running with that thought, if that happens I can foresee Hakuya realizing Kobeni guilt over the incident and getting upset, something along the lines of “Do not feel you have to love me, yada yada yada” making her realize just how in love she is with him. This is the kind of “drama” I can see down the road. Luckily, we will have plenty of potholes filled with comedy along the way. Mashiro and Benio will make sure of that.

“Do not jump. You are damaged enough as it is!”

Well, I have plenty more to say about this series, but I do not want to take up any more of your time. Now this next bit I am writing more for myself, but I think I will continue to keep my posts rather brief except I plan to occasionally write up a larger post about my thoughts on a broader level. This post is for episode three. It would not seem right to get to far ahead or behind this weeks episode in this post.

Either way, this site is still rather new. I have all the time in the world to figure out what new things I can do with it. For the time being, I am just going to keep things simple. I digressed far too much in this post…

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