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Noragami – 04

You might remember last week that I mentioned how excited I was for this weeks episode. In particular, I was curious to see if the stalking spirit would make her presence known to Yato. Well, you saw the episode and already know the answer. So many possibilities ran through my mind but not once did I ever consider that she was Yato’s former Regalia, but not only that, a Regalia Yato killed.

I have seen some things, man.

I can think of no better place to start than with the irony, or rather sound logic, behind Yato dating Kofuku, a god of poverty. They make such a perfect couple. I have to say, I would probably have to consider remaining a lesser, impoverished god if it meant being able to spend my days with Kofuku. She did prove herself to be rather unfaithful in this episode, though. No! I must not think like that. No doubt Kofuku misunderstood what was going on. That must be it. Yato is miserable enough. He should not have to deal with a cheating girlfriend.

Getting back on point, I had a good laugh when I realized she was a god of poverty. My first thought when I saw him frolicking about with her was that he must be hiding something amazing to have snagged such a cutie. In the end, though, it was one of his worst and most observable traits that attracted her to him. I could not help but smirk at that. It is this kind of subtle humor that I really enjoy about Noragami.

Throw caution to the wind and dance!

Moving on, you might recall how much I wanted Yato to have some kind of interesting past. I did not want for him to simply be this fall-out of a god that never managed to get popular. While I never went into it last week, what I was really hoping for was some kind of incident which left him unpopular and would also leave him with some sort of rival. While this episode has done little to support this theory, the fact that we see Yato from when he was younger in the OP seems to suggest that we will be revisiting his past throughout the series. They will definitely have to justify his slaying of his Regalia, though that might not come up for quite a number of episodes. I really can only imagine it being explained when Yato finds himself in a particularly tight spot and has to decide whether or not to call his old Regalia.

Speaking of his old Regalia, I am entirely convinced that she is dead. We really do not know what happens to Regalia when they are slain, but the fact that she has this translucent glow about her and is wearing the stereotypical spirit garb points to the fact that she is dead. Perhaps she has somehow slipped out of the afterlife to be together with Yato. This theory is entirely baseless, but all of the different marks on her could be from all the various gods who have used her. Again, this is completely baseless, but in death all of her previous marks could have appeared. Another theory which is completely baseless but is more likely, though that is not to say it is likely, is that Yato toyed around with empowering her which involved giving her all of those different marks which eventually killed her.

We could easily find out the truth by looking at the manga, but where is the fun in that? Half the excitement about a series like this is the speculation and discussion. It is something many shows fail to foster. The fact that Noragami does it is one of the reasons I am enjoying it so much.

Old and busted.

Noragami did a much better job getting me psyched for next weeks episode last week. I actually had to go back and see how episode four ended. I completely forgot. However, that is not to say it did not end on a high note. I am glad the spirit was introduced towards the end. I like that kind of mysterious entry and departure. While I hate to look at the previews, I can say after watching them that I am very excited for next weeks episode. I have had a bunch of theories buzzing around my head about who those three were and so I am looking forward to finally finding out.


Space Dandy – 04

In what has quickly become my favorite episode of the decade, Space Dandy soars through the stars and straight into our hearts, or rather brains, this week with an episode chalk full of zombie shenanigans. If you are not watching Space Dandy, have stopped watching Space Dandy, accidentally found this page while looking to fulfill your aspirations to travel to space, you need to watch episode four of Space Dandy. I am not asking you to pick up the series. Just watch episode four.

Oops. Wrong door.

This move by Bones was simply amazing. They threw the rules out the door this week by having our cast die (again). Too many shows are hung up on being serious, on the third-rate story they are trying to tell. It seems as if only one show every other season has a half decent story. Most of the time we get bogged down with idealistic nonsense that the writers could have submitted as a paper in High School for a B-. We need more shows like Space Dandy that just try to entertain. There is some overarching agenda, but each episode is our cast just living out the universe.

I love zombies. Zombies would no doubt love me. I am one great hunk of meat. Read into that as you will, I am prime zombie eating. Getting back on point, as I love zombies it was only natural that an episode dedicated to zombies would keep my eyes focused to the screen and then maybe pressed against it a little too. What I did not expect, and really is just Bones throwing the rule book out the door, is that we did not just have a zombie episode. We had a zombie episode.

In recent memory, Panty and Stocking is the last show to have an honest to goodness zombie episode. However, that was a zombie survival episode. It was a great laugh, mind you, but the humor revolved around our angelic pair trying to get through the zombie apocalypse, not on the zombies themselves. Let me explain, the jokes were not about the zombies, but rather played off the fact that there were zombies. We were laughing at Panty and Stocking surviving (and ultimately dying) in a zombie apocalypse. It is in that way that this weeks episode separates itself even more so, in my mind anyways, from anything we have seen done with zombies in anime. The zombies were the humor.

Forget orally, this bad-boy can be transmitted digitally!

Now, I really do not see any reason to talk about why it was funny because I am sure you found this episode hilarious without me having to explain anything, so let me tell you what I loved most about this episode. It solidifies the zaniness of this series. This episode really puts away any worries I might have had over the future of this show. Now, some might say that this show is just stupid that it is not going anywhere and is a complete waste of time to watch. These are the same people who something something implication of lacking humor something something. You know what I mean? We have had far too many comedies that were just slice of life comedies.

It was almost as if Japan had become allergic to the idea of a comedy taking place outside of a school. I can not take anything seriously in Space Dandy, nor am I supposed to. The entire universe from this star to the other are just one big joke. I can not think of any recent shows that have taken this liberty. It seems like shows today have to be serious, that they have to have some semblance of a plot or drama. It is almost as if they are afraid of relying solely on their humor. This is something that Space Dandy is doing that I am just so excited over and relieved for.

Am I kawaii? uguu~

I know my thoughts were all over the place, but so has Space Dandy these last couple of weeks. I am sure I am repeating myself here, but that is something I have come to love from this series. I have no idea where it is heading and I can not have any idea. It is wonderful. Space Dandy has earned a special place in my heart if not solely for this episode. I am more excited than ever for what the future holds for this truly special and memorable series.

Noragami – 03

There are those who enjoy surprises and those that hate them. I would fall under the category of those who enjoy them. In fact, I find I enjoy something far more if it is a surprise. Naturally, as the surprise wears off so too does my interest, to a certain extent anyways. Noragami has been just such a surprise. I will admit that I found episode one to be mindbogglingly good whereas episode three to be just good. However, with the way episode three ended I can expect my interest to go up a notch next week.

In all honesty, I had no intention whatsoever to pick up this series. I thought it looked and sounded awful. I forget what it was that eventually perked my interest, but I was right to give it a chance. If you have not already, I suggest you pick up Noragami.

A god of war, Yato does battle with a cat.

I have always been a stickler for the gods, or to be more precise the concept that the gods have human forms and vie for worshipers. It is one of the reasons I enjoyed the Black and White videogames so much. So imagine my surprise when Japan got around to making such a series. Forgive me if this sounds condescending, but if I can not think of a series with a premise like this then that must mean there has yet to have been a good one. Disagree with me if I am wrong.

Given my interests, one of my concerns with this series is that Yato will never become a larger god. Japan has this mentality of making no progress whatsoever, in certain shows anyways. They seem obsessed with keeping all of their characters static. I am worried that Yato will continue to have no followers, that only towards the very end will his dream finally be realized. Of course, by then the show will be over and we will not get to see Yato interacting with his new followers.

So there you have it. I am almost convinced, so great is my pessimism, that by episode ten he will still only have Yukine and Hiyori in his entourage.

Faced with what he will never become, Yato breaks.

On another note entirely, I am rather disappointed that Hiyori did not become is Regalia. I was never all that sure about the requirements so I guess I had been kidding myself that she, despite being a cat spirit of some sort, would turn into a katana rather than some kind of glove. At the very least, I am glad that she is part of the cast. I do not know what it is about her that I love, but whatever it is she should keep it up. What is particularly confusing is that I am more of a dog person.

Still on Hiyori, I do not see why she did not ask Lord Tenjin for help with her predicament. He seemed like a more reliable guy than Yato. Certainly more powerful, anyways. I suppose we will just have to chalk it up to her being in such awe of Lord Tenjin that she did not have the common sense to ask him for his help. Either way, we will not be seeing her made whole again until the credits start to roll on episode twelve, no doubt.

It is hard to take these Phantoms seriously when they look and sound so adorable.

Either way, I am very excited for next weeks episode. Considering the spirit we caught a glimpse of at the end of this episode shows up in the OP a number of times we can except some sort of plot development unfolding next week. Here is to hoping Yato turns out to be more than he lets on. No matter what happens, though, I am sure I will enjoy it so long as Hiyori gets enough screen-time.

As an aside, I just realized this show airs on Sunday in the United States. That is kind of funny.

Space Dandy – 03

Once again we gather behind our monitors to enjoy the spectacle that is a dandy guy in space. You can expect much of the same wacky hyjinks that we have come to love from the show that killed off its main cast on the first episode.

Dandy being dandy in space.

Now, in hindsight we are all geniuses, but let me tell you the moment Mamitas popped up on the screen I knew she was trouble. When she first introduced herself my immediate thought was mammaries. I assumed her name was a joke playing off of her voluptuous breasts. While it may not have been intentional, almost certainly considering this is a Japanese show, her transformation does little to rain on my theory.

I am still a little confused over how the Ragians manage to survive on the planet without hunting down Mamitas. For starters, considering QT’s scan showed no living organisms, were they supposed to be some kind of mineral species? Other than the Alien-esk mouths inside their… mouths they appear somewhat rock-like. Considering they knew of Mamitas past victims they must live on the planet or at least nearby.

Either way, when we ran into Mamitas the Ragians had her on the run, literally. I find it hard to believe that they never managed to kill her. There was practically an army of them chasing her down. They very well could have lay on-top of her and simply suffocated her with those numbers.

We come in peace. Also from inside that mouth there.

Maybe it is just because I am a dog person, but I am very glad Meow was left behind. Mind you, Bones will have “forgotten” that he was forgotten next episode when he makes his return, all but unaware of his digestion, but I will take some small satisfaction in knowing that in one universe Meow is gone. I really just do not like the guy… cat… alien… whatever. I will admit he is starting to grow on me, but that is not to say I particularly care when the screen pans to him and he opens his mouth. Maybe it was just unfair having QT as part of the Dandy crew. The guy… I mean, robot is just so great. Everyone else pales in comparison.

Now, I went a little off tangent there. What I wanted to say was how glad I am Space Dandy is just fucking around. I really do not know if we will ever figure out how or why characters are just coming back to life. In all honesty, I would be fine with it never being explained. Each episode could just be its own universe. Besides Meow’s addition to the crew, nothing has really changed from episode to episode. I might have said this last week, but I am sure next week we will have a better idea of what is happening with the Dandy crew. Some kind of pattern will form.

Even to QT’s surprise, Mecha Dandy appears on the scene.

As it stands, Space Dandy is following in Cowboy Bebops footsteps, albeit a little less seriously. Each universe, or episode, has Doctor Gel pursuing Dandy. I doubt that will continue unresolved. While I am sure we are a ways from any kind of resolution, I eagerly await to see just what has the Gogol Empire in such a tizzy over a single dandy guy in space, though, it may not be Dandy they are after…

Space Dandy – 02

Space Dandy is certainly a dandy guy in space, but before we go any further, do you know what dandy means? Up until a little while ago I thought the word dandy solely meant “something good”. I was convinced that it was simply an exclamation of ones wellness, albeit in a colloquial manner. What I did not realize, that was until a little while ago, is that dandy can also refer to a man who cares too much about his clothing and personal appearance. Now, you are probably wondering why I brought this up. The reason for that is quite simple. No reason at all.

Doctor Gel of the Gogol Empire searches tirelessly for Space Dandy via “Gogol” Galaxy Street View.

I can not think of a better way to start than with dropping a couple of truth bombs. Hopefully to no-ones surprise, the Gogol Empire is a parody of the United States. To those special few who are scratching their heads right now, let me tell you why. Starting with the obvious, Doctor Gel’s ship is the Lady Liberty’s head. Doctor Gel himself wears a colonial wig and, more importantly, Uncle Sam’s hat. If you have no idea who I am talking about, firstly, feel bad, secondly, Google Uncle Sam. Now, coupled with the fact that the name of the domineering skeletal Admiral breathing down Gel’s neck is Perry, it is safe to assume that the Gogol Empire is a parody of the United States. In fact, I would not be surprised if in future episodes the Japanese obsession with President Obama manifests itself as some Gologian politician, general, ect, going around chanting, “Yes we can!”

Well, that is enough blowing of your mind for the time being. I am sure this “crazy” revelation coupled with finding the Dandy crew unharmed has already left you partly, if not entirely, brain-dead. Personally, I am glad there was no explanation for their survival. I do not understand why so many people are complaining that things just “lazily” turned out fine. It was a design choice, plain and simple. Who is to say that we will not get our explanation in next weeks episode. People need to be more patient. I have heard it is a virtue of some sorts.

Personally, I have always had a soft spot for anticlimacticism. I would actually prefer if Bones never explained how they survived. It would be hilarious if Doctor Gel finally caught up to Space Dandy, the decider of the fate of the galaxy, and everything turned out just to have been a giant misunderstanding. Dandy could be of no real consequence to anyone, let alone the entire galaxy. While I am sure that would upset a great number of people, I would love it.

Eat or be dissolved inside of.

Moving beyond my terrible hopes and theories, I really want to make a point of how much I am loving the Dandy world. The creative staff has left me thoroughly impressed. Going through episode one and two, the same alien does not seem to appear twice. I imagine it is not easy to design twenty or so aliens every week without them starting to look like bunk. Of course, this could change with future episodes, but where did pessimism ever get someone?

Now, if I had to complain about something in the alien compartment, it would be that we have yet to meet any Space Dandy women. Now, I am not talking about no meat-sack humans, I am talking about Space women for Dandy, ie. aliens. I have high hopes that the creative staff behind Space Dandy can storm up an attractive non-humanoid extraterrestrial creature.

A tragic, unavoidable accident.

When all is said and done, this episode has really left me excited for more. It has gotten me this way because I have no idea what to expect. It seems like all of the shows that have come out recently have followed a linear path. While this is not necessarily something to complain about, it is refreshing to see a show that is just what it is with no overbearing overarching plot. There are no strings attached, except for the one soaring through the stars in a gagged head of Lady Liberty.

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