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End of the Week Report

This was an exciting week both for the site and for anime. This will have been the first full week I have covered. I am very happy with the number of views I am getting. While lower than I had hoped, I have managed to accumulate two-hundred and forty. What I am more excited about, however, is finally reaching ten followers. In the last couple of days, though, that number has increased to sixteen. While still rather low, it is both exciting and nerve-wracking knowing that sixteen people are following Animation Anonymous.

On another note, you might have noticed that my posts these last couple of days have been rather poor. I must apologize. I have been busy these last couple of days and my posts have suffered because of it. Normally, after writing a post I will go back to it an hour later and make revisions. Unfortunately, I just have not had the time to do so as of late. When I finally find the time, I tend to value releasing new posts over revising older ones. For this, again, I apologize. I will be making the revisions after I publish this weekend report.

Best Episode of the Week: Noragami

I have seen some things, man.

It was very difficult deciding between Noragami and Space Dandy. In the end, though, I had to go with Noragami as it had more substance. While Space Dandy had me laughing hysterically, Noragami had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation chuckling. Noragami has planted the seeds of intrigue with this weeks showing. I can not wait to see what they grow into.

Worst Episode of the Week: Kill la Kill

“This may be our first screentime, but we are a big deal and our loss is a huge blow to the Kill la Kill universe.”

In the span of just two episodes, TRIGGER managed to bring the entire show to a full circle. While some might say that the loss of Nudist Beach is a huge development in the Kill la Kill universe, I disagree. It is much like learning that your great aunt Sally finally succumbed to old age. Who is this great aunt Sally? This is the first time I have ever heard of her. I understand that her loss is tragic, but how am I supposed to feel having never met her before? How are we supposed to feel when this is the first time we have ever seen the Nudist Beach organization?

Most Entertaining Episode of the Week: Space Dandy

Forget orally, this bad-boy can be transmitted digitally!

I rarely, if ever, laugh at comedies. I will understand that something is funny, perhaps acknowledge that it is funny with a smirk, but rarely will I ever laugh. There were several times throughout episode four that I found myself laughing hysterically. From now on whenever I try to get a friend into anime I will show them Space Dandy episode four. They will succumb. They must…

Best Ending of the Week: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Benio roofies Kobeni.

For a love comedy, Mikakunin de Shinkoukei really knows how to grab your attention. The cat is out of the bag this week as Kobeni learns of her accident. I am very excited to see how her relationship with Hakuya will evolve from this revelation. If my theory is correct, we can expect to see Kobeni be a lot more dere around Hakuya next week.

Biggest Surprise of the Week: Nobunagun

“Watch as I laugh derisively.”

I really had given up on Nobunagun. It was fun to watch, but once the credits began to roll you quickly forgot about it. I was really left with no lasting impressions week after week besides the fact that Ogura was olev. With this weeks episode I can firmly say that I am excited to see how this series will pan out. I hope this week was not just a fluke and that we continue to get entertaining episodes like this one more often.

Biggest Disappointment of the Week: Buddy Complex

Coincidently, Aoba engages in battle with Hina.

Whoa there, Sunrise, thanks for ruining any semblance of a dramatic reunion. Heaven forbid Hina is actually an exciting part of the Buddy Complex cast instead of just a foot-soldier who will occassionally bump heads with Aoba. I was really hoping that she would not show up for at least seven episodes. I wanted her to be out of Aoba’s mind and then just shatter his new world with her entrance. Instead we get this. I really have no expectations when it comes to the future of this series.


Noragami – 04

You might remember last week that I mentioned how excited I was for this weeks episode. In particular, I was curious to see if the stalking spirit would make her presence known to Yato. Well, you saw the episode and already know the answer. So many possibilities ran through my mind but not once did I ever consider that she was Yato’s former Regalia, but not only that, a Regalia Yato killed.

I have seen some things, man.

I can think of no better place to start than with the irony, or rather sound logic, behind Yato dating Kofuku, a god of poverty. They make such a perfect couple. I have to say, I would probably have to consider remaining a lesser, impoverished god if it meant being able to spend my days with Kofuku. She did prove herself to be rather unfaithful in this episode, though. No! I must not think like that. No doubt Kofuku misunderstood what was going on. That must be it. Yato is miserable enough. He should not have to deal with a cheating girlfriend.

Getting back on point, I had a good laugh when I realized she was a god of poverty. My first thought when I saw him frolicking about with her was that he must be hiding something amazing to have snagged such a cutie. In the end, though, it was one of his worst and most observable traits that attracted her to him. I could not help but smirk at that. It is this kind of subtle humor that I really enjoy about Noragami.

Throw caution to the wind and dance!

Moving on, you might recall how much I wanted Yato to have some kind of interesting past. I did not want for him to simply be this fall-out of a god that never managed to get popular. While I never went into it last week, what I was really hoping for was some kind of incident which left him unpopular and would also leave him with some sort of rival. While this episode has done little to support this theory, the fact that we see Yato from when he was younger in the OP seems to suggest that we will be revisiting his past throughout the series. They will definitely have to justify his slaying of his Regalia, though that might not come up for quite a number of episodes. I really can only imagine it being explained when Yato finds himself in a particularly tight spot and has to decide whether or not to call his old Regalia.

Speaking of his old Regalia, I am entirely convinced that she is dead. We really do not know what happens to Regalia when they are slain, but the fact that she has this translucent glow about her and is wearing the stereotypical spirit garb points to the fact that she is dead. Perhaps she has somehow slipped out of the afterlife to be together with Yato. This theory is entirely baseless, but all of the different marks on her could be from all the various gods who have used her. Again, this is completely baseless, but in death all of her previous marks could have appeared. Another theory which is completely baseless but is more likely, though that is not to say it is likely, is that Yato toyed around with empowering her which involved giving her all of those different marks which eventually killed her.

We could easily find out the truth by looking at the manga, but where is the fun in that? Half the excitement about a series like this is the speculation and discussion. It is something many shows fail to foster. The fact that Noragami does it is one of the reasons I am enjoying it so much.

Old and busted.

Noragami did a much better job getting me psyched for next weeks episode last week. I actually had to go back and see how episode four ended. I completely forgot. However, that is not to say it did not end on a high note. I am glad the spirit was introduced towards the end. I like that kind of mysterious entry and departure. While I hate to look at the previews, I can say after watching them that I am very excited for next weeks episode. I have had a bunch of theories buzzing around my head about who those three were and so I am looking forward to finally finding out.

End of the Week Report

Given that I only started this blog a couple days ago, Friday to be specific, I am quite happy with the progress I have made. In the span of just three days I have managed to type up nine posts. I was hoping to cover all sixteen titles I am currently watching, but I realize now that was never going to happen. Either way, I am very happy ending the week with ten posts.

The purpose for these end of the week reports will be to comment on the ups and the downs of the weeks showings. If I happen to reach some kind of milestone I will also briefly comment on that.

Biggest Disappointment of the Week: Tonari no Seki-kun

My expression when I realized which chapter they were covering.

The biggest disappointment this week, hands down, was realizing that Tonari no Seki-kun would only cover chapters one through twenty-one. There are so many amazing chapters that we will never get to see animated because instead of taking the time to just go through the manga and pick the funniest chapters they went ahead and picked them by their chapter release.

Biggest Surprise of the Week: Hoozuki no Reitetsu

This is Hell, Hell, a wonderful Hell.

I went into Hoozuki no Reitetsu expecting absolutely nothing. I had no idea what genre it was. I did not even know if it was a short, which I thought it was. This show was not just a surprise, it was a welcome change of pace. I have not felt so enthusiastic about a series since Hyouge Mono. If the series continues like this it will be, hands down, my AOTY.

Best Episode of the Week: Hoozuki no Reitetsu

“I live my life cheerfully and with an open heart.”

Somewhat of a no-brainer after all the praise I have given it. I think this is the only episode I did not pause once. Not only that, I was shocked when the credits began to roll. It had felt like I had only been sitting there for a couple of minutes.

Worst Episode of the Week: Tonari no Seki-kun

Content with the substandard.

Moving beyond my disappointment with Shin-Ei Animation, I just did not find this sketch funny. It was too down-to-Earth for Tonari no Seki-kun. The only redeemable part of the episode was the ending and that lasted all but fifteen seconds.

Most Entertaining Episode of the Week: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Mashiro’s smile is a miracle of the universe.

Mashiro is, hands down, my favorite character of the season. She is just a bundle of joy that I just can not wait to listen to every week. There is something about that nasally voice that she and Nonon from Kill la Kill have that just makes me laugh uncontrollably. It was great having Mashiro as the spotlight of this weeks episode.

Best Ending of the Week: Noragami

A god of war, Yato does battle with a cat.

I am very excited to meet this spirit that seems to have some kind of connection to Yato. I have a feeling that she has been stalking him longer than just three episode. I am eager to see if she makes her presence known next week.

Noragami – 03

There are those who enjoy surprises and those that hate them. I would fall under the category of those who enjoy them. In fact, I find I enjoy something far more if it is a surprise. Naturally, as the surprise wears off so too does my interest, to a certain extent anyways. Noragami has been just such a surprise. I will admit that I found episode one to be mindbogglingly good whereas episode three to be just good. However, with the way episode three ended I can expect my interest to go up a notch next week.

In all honesty, I had no intention whatsoever to pick up this series. I thought it looked and sounded awful. I forget what it was that eventually perked my interest, but I was right to give it a chance. If you have not already, I suggest you pick up Noragami.

A god of war, Yato does battle with a cat.

I have always been a stickler for the gods, or to be more precise the concept that the gods have human forms and vie for worshipers. It is one of the reasons I enjoyed the Black and White videogames so much. So imagine my surprise when Japan got around to making such a series. Forgive me if this sounds condescending, but if I can not think of a series with a premise like this then that must mean there has yet to have been a good one. Disagree with me if I am wrong.

Given my interests, one of my concerns with this series is that Yato will never become a larger god. Japan has this mentality of making no progress whatsoever, in certain shows anyways. They seem obsessed with keeping all of their characters static. I am worried that Yato will continue to have no followers, that only towards the very end will his dream finally be realized. Of course, by then the show will be over and we will not get to see Yato interacting with his new followers.

So there you have it. I am almost convinced, so great is my pessimism, that by episode ten he will still only have Yukine and Hiyori in his entourage.

Faced with what he will never become, Yato breaks.

On another note entirely, I am rather disappointed that Hiyori did not become is Regalia. I was never all that sure about the requirements so I guess I had been kidding myself that she, despite being a cat spirit of some sort, would turn into a katana rather than some kind of glove. At the very least, I am glad that she is part of the cast. I do not know what it is about her that I love, but whatever it is she should keep it up. What is particularly confusing is that I am more of a dog person.

Still on Hiyori, I do not see why she did not ask Lord Tenjin for help with her predicament. He seemed like a more reliable guy than Yato. Certainly more powerful, anyways. I suppose we will just have to chalk it up to her being in such awe of Lord Tenjin that she did not have the common sense to ask him for his help. Either way, we will not be seeing her made whole again until the credits start to roll on episode twelve, no doubt.

It is hard to take these Phantoms seriously when they look and sound so adorable.

Either way, I am very excited for next weeks episode. Considering the spirit we caught a glimpse of at the end of this episode shows up in the OP a number of times we can except some sort of plot development unfolding next week. Here is to hoping Yato turns out to be more than he lets on. No matter what happens, though, I am sure I will enjoy it so long as Hiyori gets enough screen-time.

As an aside, I just realized this show airs on Sunday in the United States. That is kind of funny.

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