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I am currently a Junior in college studying Accountancy. An elective I am taking this semester is Writing Across the Worldwide Web. This site originally spawned as a requirement of that course, but soon took on a life of its own. You can expect to see the occasional comment from one of my classmates.

Animation has always been an interest of mine. When I was younger and all I had to watch was Toonami I was under the impression that shows like Outlaw Star were American cartoons. You have to remember these were the Dark Ages. The Internet was too slow for any kind of streaming or downloading, at least in my house anyways. Toonami was my only source of information.

Imagine my surprise years later when I learned all of my childhood cartoons were actually Japanese. I was really pissed off at first. I did not understand why Google kept sending me to the Japanese versions of my shows. I seriously considered the possibility that all the original American versions had been removed from the Internet.

That is all I can think of for the time being. I will update this page as soon as I can figure out what else there is to write about.


8 responses

  1. Welcome to the blogging world 🙂
    We as children were all lied to, personally the anime’s we watched in English were good, but the Japanese subbed version are perfect and are what the original authors intended for them to be.

  2. Hey there! I saw that you favorited one of my posts and I ventured here. It’s cool that you’re studying accountancy! I’m entering college soon with accounting as my intended major (for now, at least).

  3. communalwriters1 | Reply

    You sound like an amazing person! I’m glad we share some of the same interests, though our age difference is quite large. I wanted to let you know that I created another blog dedicated to anime, manga, Japan, etc. and I thought you might be able to give me suggestions on how to improve it and what not!
    The site is called ‘A Confused Otaku’. http://aconfusedotaku.wordpress.com/
    I hope you’ll give me feedback!

    Thank you,
    Makino Fujitaka (Pen name)

    1. I am new to this whole scene myself, the site being only eleven days old, but I will offer whatever advice I can.

      The first thing I can suggest is when you are tagging, search your tag and see how many results come up. If there are not that many you should probably think of an alternative.

      I would definitely suggest you making an “About Me” page. I put it off for a number of days and when I finally got around to making it I was shocked at how much traffic it got. It seems people really do want to know about the person they are reading.

      Other than that, regularly make new posts. Eventually you will start showing up on search engines and people will find their way to you off of WordPress.

      Good luck!

      1. communalwriters1

        Thank you so much! I made an “About Me” page first thing. I always do that to get it out of the way.
        I really appreciate your help and I hope we can continue to chat about anime and help each other!

        Makino Fujitaka

  4. Konichiwa! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post for more details. 🙂

    1. communalwriters1 | Reply

      You’ve nominated me or Animation Anonymous? It says you replied to my comment above, but I’m not sure you meant me.

      1. Eh? Oops I think I clicked the wrong button. I meant Animation Anonymous. Sorry for the mistake! *bows*

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